Michael Moore: Why Clinton Supporters Shouldn’t Gloat Too Much After Her Debate Performance

Sep 28, 2016 by

Moore’s tweet second-guessing Clinton’s debate victory has gone viral.

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While it seemed to most viewers of Monday night’s first 2016 presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that Clinton came out way on top, one who is publicly questioning that outcome is, surprisingly, not on the right wing nor in Trump’s pocket. Michael Moore made a claim on Twitter that actually, it was Trump who “won”:

Michael Moore already said he thought Trump would win the Republican nomination (he did). He has also said, to Bill Maher, on Huffington Post, and to Business Insider, that Trump will win the election.

Moore’s scare quotes around “won” indicate perhaps that he acknowledges the general opinion that Clinton performed better than Trump during the debate. But in a more big-picture view, there is a huge loss in the national culture that he hasn’t ended his campaign after all of his blatant lies, racism, incitement and vague ignorant promises.

Moore took his controversial statement and followed it up with tweets calling for action to prevent Trump and the racist alt-right culture Trump is promoting from gaining presidential power:

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