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Studio Remco Siebring

© Studio Remco Siebring

As kids get older, many of them naturally crave spaces of their own to play and create things in. One very lucky twelve-year-old boy in a small Dutch town not only got a space of his own, but also got it professionally executed by Dutch architect Remco Siebring, who managed to create a modern, mirrored ‘treehouse’ of sorts that coolly blends into the cityscape, thanks to its use of mirrored glass walls on its sleek exterior.

Called “Mirror Mirror”, the urban treehouse sits on the roof of a building that is a designated monument, providing great views of the town, notes Designboom. Its outside is covered in mirrored glass, which reflects the skyline and is nearly opaque during the day, effectively making it semi-invisible; at night, it allows the interior lights to shine through, creating a beautiful rooftop beacon of sorts.

Studio Remco Siebring© Studio Remco Siebring

Inside, the spaces are constructed using pinewood sheets, giving the interior a warm but minimalist look.

Studio Remco Siebring© Studio Remco Siebring

The treehouse consists of only a few overlapping spaces: an entry space, a sleeping loft and a workspace. The sleeping loft is made out of a steel platform that cantilevers out, reminiscent of a lookout spot nestled in the treetops.

Studio Remco Siebring© Studio Remco Siebring
Studio Remco Siebring© Studio Remco Siebring

Conceived as an extension to the existing home below, the treehouse is connected to the main house via a stairway leading down.

Studio Remco Siebring© Studio Remco Siebring

It’s spartan yet still elegant — it’s a space of one’s own on the roof, a place to escape to, to dream and create. Using mirrors to deflect attention and visibility away from itself, Mirror Mirror is an urban treehouse that provides an open space of exploration that sits above it all. More over at Designboom and Remco Siebring.


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