Dec 8, 2016 by

Naled Invades Miami Beach

Planes are scheduled to begin spraying the controversial pesticide Naled over South Beach tomorrow morning, and that has activists worried the pesticide could do damage to humans and to the environment. On Tuesday that was when they announced they were going to spray Naled. There was a lot of outrage about that. First at noon, Zika emergency protesters gather outside Miami Beach City hall as commissioners discuss whether the city should fight the state’s aerial spraying plans. There was a town hall, town forum, basically a commission meeting but not an official meeting where any action could actually be done. Kudos to Commissioner Michael Grieco for taking a stand, organizing the whole town hall. Basically the outcome of that was the county mayor said alright out of concern for the children we are not going to spray Thursday, we’re going to spray Friday morning… Which makes no sense.

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