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Trump voters, the Young, African-Americans and Conservatives

     A new poll shows that Trump voters are more likely to believe that vaccines cause autism than Clinton voters by 31% to 18%.  These numbers come from an Economist/YouGov poll published on December 27 that looked at the tendency to believe “conspiracies” among 1376 American adults polled by telephone between December 17 and 20.

People under thirty were the group most likely to believe vaccines can cause autism by 36% compared to 31% of 31-44 year olds, 30% of those aged 45-59, and 28% of those over 60.

Self-described “conservatives” believe vaccines definitely or probably cause autism at a rate of 34% compared to 31% of moderates, and 25% of liberals.

African-Americans are far more suspicious of vaccines that whites, with 44% believing vaccines can cause autism compared to 32% of Hispanics and 25% of whites.

Self-identified liberals have the greatest trust in vaccines with 44% agreeing that that “vaccines can cause autism” is “definitely not true,” compared to 28% of moderates, and 20% of conservatives.

This poll is unusual in that it shows higher rates of vaccine skepticism among males than females with 32% of males compared to 29% of females believing that vaccines definitely or probably cause autism.

Earlier polls have shown higher rates of vaccine skepticism among parents compared to non-parents, but the data published on this poll so far does not break down on parental status.

We all so know that people who have controversial beliefs are less like to answers polls, and are less likely to express those beliefs to pollsters, so we believe that actual belief in the role of vaccines in autism are probably somewhat higher than indicated in this poll.

Details of the poll can be seen here:

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