by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

Health Impact News reports on a variety of health topics that impact your health and that the mainstream media seldom reports. Of these topics, no topic comes close to the level of traffic and readership interest that the vaccine topic does, when it comes to vaccine efficacy and safety. We have an entire website dedicated to this topic:

Censorship on Vaccine Dangers


Vaccines are big business, and the U.S. government is the largest purchaser of vaccines produced by pharmaceutical companies. So they have a vested interest in censoring any negative news or data regarding vaccines.

Doctors who have a conscience and dare to speak out on the dangers of vaccines are ridiculed or silenced. The mainstream media by and large ignores any doctors who speak out against vaccines, and even a CDC scientist whistleblower who has admitted that studies showing vaccines do not cause autism hid data proving otherwise is completely ignored by the mainstream media.

New Documentary Reveals the Truth with All-Star Lineup

Producer Ty Bollinger, the man behind The Truth About Cancer documentaries that have changed so many lives, has now brought together over 60 speakers representing the top authorities on vaccines in a brand new documentary to begin airing on April 12, 2017. It can be viewed online by the public for FREE!

I have worked together with Ty Bollinger to help bring you this all-star lineup of medical doctors and other experts who will present the truth about vaccines in what will be the most comprehensive treatment of the subject the world has probably ever seen!

Here are some of the speakers that will be featured:

TTAV speakers 1

TTAV speakers 2


TTAV speakers 4

TTAV speakers 5

TTAV speakers 6

TTAV speakers 7

TTAV speakers 8

TTAV speakers 9

TTAV speakers 10

TTAV speakers 11

Tune in for free on April 12, 2017, for the life-saving information you are not likely to learn elsewhere!