NVIC Vaccine Freedom Wall: Doctor Jabs Adult Without Consent

Sep 20, 2018 by

If you were bullied, threatened or punished by a doctor, government official or employer for exercising voluntary, informed consent to vaccination, you can post a report and share your experience on NVIC’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.
Following is an excerpt from a recent report:

…”Last week at age of 68 I went to my physical. All was fine. Suddenly doctor stuck a needle in my shoulder and put something in me. Not telling me or asking me. I was in shock. Asked him what it is. He said, “Do not worry it is nothing.” I said, “You put something in me, what it is?” He said, “Do not worry, it is good for you and it is expensive.” I repeated, “What did you put in me?” He said, ” It is vaccination against pneumonia.” I said, still in shock, ” But you did not ask me.” He just shook his shoulders and smiled. I asked, “Any side effects?” He said, “No side effects.” When I am in shock I tend to be almost paralyzed, calm. I could not believe what happened to me. I felt completely like animal in lab. Next morning I woke up with seizure in my body, arms, legs… lasted 3-5 seconds. My arm under the shoulder hurt, I was very tired, had headache… I object [to] being vaccinated without being asked and told what vaccine and what side effects can be expected. I feel the way this happened was not right at all.”

Report and Share Your Vaccine Experiences
NVIC’s website provides visitors with many ways to access, report and share information about vaccination, including information about personal experiences with vaccine risks and failures. You can:
  • File a vaccine reaction report describing a vaccine reaction, injury or death with NVIC’s 36-year old Vaccine Reaction Registry.
  • Post a vaccine reaction report describing a vaccine reaction, injury or death and include a photo or video on the online Memorial for Vaccine Victims.
  • Post a vaccine failure report if a vaccine failed to protect you or your child from disease on the Vaccine Failure Wall.
  • Post a report if you were bullied, threatened or punished by a doctor, government official or employer for making a vaccine choice on the Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.

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