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A Touch of Frost – Sun 23 Aug 15 – Oh Yes They Can and They Will…


Greetings Folks,

As a father of two daughters and a grandfather of five granddaughters I can’t help but feel deep emotions of pride and concern anytime I hear stories about women in our military.  Today I salute US Army First Lieutenant Kristen Griest (on the promotion list for Captain) and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver, the fist women to successfully complete and graduate from the rigorous 120-day training course at the US Army Ranger School.


Friday was their celebrated graduation from the training cycle.  I was surprised and disappointed the Media failed to deliver more in-depth coverage about these two outstanding young women who represent a most significant part of our military – the vital role of women in all branches of the US Armed Forces.


These fine young officers are West Point graduates and have extensive military experience.  Lt. Griest leads a Military Police platoon and Lt. Haver is an Apache helicopter pilot. I urge all Film Students to go On Line and read extensively about these officers as well as the US Army Ranger Regiment, its training and mission, and the on-going discussion about women being assigned to combat roles in the US Military. Churn your Thought Processes to come up with substantive story and script ideas influenced by your research. I think you will be inspired by what you learn. Here is a start-up suggestion for informative reading on the subject –    www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2015/08/18/these-are-the-armys-first-female-ranger-school-graduates/



“My decision to register women confirms what is already obvious throughout our society-that women are now providing all types of skills in every profession. The military should be no exception.” – President Jimmy Carter

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