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Over the past year alone, the oil industry spent an historic 36.1 million dollars to lobby California lawmakers.  During the last 6 years, the industry has spent 122 million dollars in Sacramento, more than any other interest group.  This spending spree has paid huge dividends for these companies, allowing them to dismantle and crush any meaningful legislation that might significantly curb their power to drill and pollute in California.  Pay-to-play politics has allowed the dirtiest polluters in the world to legally poison our communities and exacerbate the climate crisis.

This is why we are calling on Governor Jerry Brown and our state legislators to stop taking money from the oil industry, and to prioritize the health and safety of their constituents over the oil industry’s profits.  And on May 20th, we are taking our message to the streets of Sacramento to demand that our elected officials take a stand with the people of California, and stop taking dirty oil money!

Join Us In Sacramento To Get Oil Money Out Of Politics: http://bit.ly/OilMoneyOutMarch

As guardians of the public trust, the lack of action from our governor and our legislators our to protect the public is unacceptable.  You can’t take industry money and do their bidding, while saying you are a climate or environmental champion at the same time.  We need champions who are looking out for the people, not the oil industry and their profits.  Until the flow of money into our elected officials pockets stops or is seriously curtailed, nothing is going to change.

Our elected leaders need to make their primary allegiance clear: is it to the oil industry or to the health and safety of their constituents?  The days of having it both ways have to come to an end.

Join Us On May 20th For The Oil Money Out, People Power In March & Rally!

Please share the Oil Money Out campaign with your networks, and please invite your friends and allies to join us on May 20th in Sacramento! For more information about the campaign and our upcoming march and rally, please visit: www.oilmoneyout.com

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