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Proposed Presidential Order

The Constitution guarantees that all children have a right to go to school, regardless of medical history or vaccination status.  In order to protect the right to go to school, a California mom, Sharon Brown, has proposed a presidential order that will establish the fundamental privacy of children’s medical records, which in turn, will end segregation by schools that discriminate against children – based only on the child’s medical history or vaccination status.

Regardless of whether you love or hate him, when Donald Trump signs this proposed executive order, it will essentially halt mandatory vaccination in American schools – because schools won’t be allowed to ask about the child’s medical history or vaccination status – because under our proposed order – the child’s medical history and vaccination status will be deemed “private.”


I was recently contacted by a registered nurse who wanted to see Trump issue a presidential order guaranteeing the parents’ right to opt-out of school vaccine programs.  “Great idea!” thought I!  I then contacted Sharon Brown, who said, “Great idea, but…”  So now, instead of a presidential order that merely guarantees the right to opt-out of vaccination programs, we decided to propose a broader order – to prohibit schools from even asking about the children’s medical history in the first place!

As Sharon Brown explains: “The schools have no right to ask about a child’s medical history because it’s none of their business—it’s private!  Just like in the workplace—the worker’s medical history is nobody’s business—it’s private!”

Halting Medical Tyranny

Sharon Brown knows about fighting medical tyranny – my office represents her and seven other brave parents who are now suing the State of California to halt mandatory vaccination of schoolchildren.  [More info:]  And the first step in halting medical tyranny is making the government recognize that the individual’s medical history is fundamentally private and beyond the scope of governmental inquiry!

Medical Record Are Private

Please read our proposed presidential order – it’s just 64 words long, (I counted!).  Our goal is clear – medical records must be regarded as private!  So, whether you’re conservative or liberal, please defend the right to privacy!  All parents, regardless of politics, should support the right to privacy for their children’s medical records.  Please sign ‘n share!

T. Matthew Phillips

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