Republicans aren’t just lying. They are doing so shamelessly

Jan 31, 2020 by


The problem we face with the current iteration of the Republican Party isn’t just a matter of their extremist policies. As a matter of fact, other than their embrace of racism, sexism, and homophobia, they’ve become a post-policy party, existing almost solely by fueling grievance and resentment.

But it’s even worse than that. As a party that increasingly finds itself in the minority, they have launched efforts to disrupt our democratic processes via gerrymandering congressional districts and suppressing votes in order to maintain power.

Yet, it is still worse than that. As I noted recently, in their efforts to defend the most corrupt president in this country’s history, they have attempted to destroy the whole concept of facts, evidence, and reason. Nowhere is that more evident than the blatant, shameless lies they insist on telling about Joe Biden.

After the president’s defense team dedicated two segments of their presentation at the Senate trial to repeating those lies, I pointed out that Senator Joni Ernst said the quiet parts out loud when she gleefully suggested that perhaps they would damage Biden in the Iowa caucuses.

It now appears that there is a concerted effort on the part of Senate Republicans to broadcast those lies as widely as possible. The senator from Texas seems to be leading the charge.

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