Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations & City States based upon the Energy Output of the Sun // Civilization Dies When One Class Turns Against Another // Martin Armstrong // October 16, 2019

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Subject: Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations & City States based upon the Energy Output of the Sun // Civilization Dies When One Class Turns Against Another // Martin Armstrong // October 16, 2019
Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations & City States based upon the Energy Output of the Sun.
Civilization Dies When One Class Turns Against Another.
Despite the delusion of some based upon deception and the goal of ill gotten gain for the chosen few and the minion middle management servants in positions of power and influence sometimes small lies turn into big one’s and we fool ourselves with impressive stories and claims that cannot be substantiated and become fodder for the elite to maintain the positions of supreme authority. 
This represents the same age old problem of the distortions of reality of those that believe they are plantation masters and humans are their livestock which must be coddled by those in power.
The history which continues for the most part unabated of abuse of power by some who consider themselves above nature and believe they are somehow servants to a higher power.
The world of delusion and believers who historically and today believe they are somehow chosen to be shepherds of the flock when in fact they are deluded by their sense of perceived power.
When does this cycle of self-aggrandizement end?
It may just be in process and the one’s who continue to live in a world of delusion may be the last one’s to find out the gig is up as is their mis-perception of power.
Continue to stay tuned and the cycle of ignorance and mal-education is reaching towards a thunderous crescendo.
When volcano’s erupt is is better not to be in the way.
This is as true with the deception of global warming re-themed climate change as many of the big whopper lies and deceptions throughout the history of misuse of power on the planet by men and women and so called families and corporate entities of standing who have abused the privilege of hegemony.
It is long overdue to awaken from the fog of deceptions of reality by people who believe they have some kind of superior right.
This reign of delusion has gone on far enough and those in positions of authority appear are going to be in for a rude awakening.
Talk about divine intervention.
Free and independent minds are growing exponentially and the creative potential of man has been curtailed for reasons of dominance and control will soon be unleashed.
Are those plantation masters even needed anymore?
This applies to any and all religions, corporate entities and outdated laws of land and sea designed to protect the privileged elite be in in families, select educational institutions, private clubs, secret societies, religious institutions and interlocking boards of directors.
The clock is ticking on lies and deceptions as the future is bright with the innovations of creativity.
Ignorance and the input of misinformation be damned and just because of false and misleading information does not in any way make it factual and evidence if the premise is based upon fallacies and delusions just because someone in a position of power says it is so.
The stain of ignorance is slowly eroding.
No matter who is perceived as one’s master the power of deception is a duplicitous trick of the cheap magician’s hypocrisy.
As Goebbels once said “The bigger the lie told over and over again and more people will believe it.”
Ignoring the truth in the light of evidence is the way of the ill, mis, mal and dis-informed despite one’s need to believe in some kind of authority one has been told to trust.
Faster then a speeding bullet.  More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  
Sorry if it not politically correct.
Truth, Justice and the American Way. 
Whatever happened to the great metropolitan newspapers?
Does the South China Morning Post have a major story here?
And is Martin Armstrong’s independent analysis a sign of projected fantasy or discerning perception?
As were the word’s from Billy Wilder’s The Apartment “Stay with it Buddy Boy”.
Sorry if it appears the LGBTQ community was not included.
This was not the intention for all humankind is included here.
Maybe we will need Toto after all.
Posted Oct 16, 2019 by Martin Armstrong

China is NOT on board with this nonsense of climate change caused by humans. The South China Morning Post has reported that their scientists have traced their civilization and its rise and fall to the energy output of the sun. Simply put, when the climate warms, civilization flourishes. When it turns cold, we isolate ourselves and civilization contracts.

China will take up the crown of the financial capital of the world because the West is just going insane with socialism and using climate as the excuse to seize power and wealth.

I have stated many times that when it is beneficial to come together, civilization expands because there is a synergy that rises that is greater than the sum of the parts. When civilization becomes corrupt and it feeds upon one class for the benefit of another, the very PURPOSE of coming together no longer makes sense and you witness this throughout separatists movements, revolutions, and civil war.


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