Shell Oil Caught Planning for Deadly 4 to 6 Degree Rise in Global Temperature

May 18, 2015 by

  (photo courtesy of Greenpeace)

Whoopsies. From The Guardian:

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of pursuing a strategy that would lead to potentially catastrophic climate change after an internal document acknowledged a global temperature rise of4C, twice the level considered safe for the planet.A paper used for guiding future business planning at the Anglo-Dutch multinational assumes that carbon dioxide emissions will fail to limit temperature increases to 2C, the internationally agreed threshold to prevent widespread flooding, famine and desertification.

Instead, the New Lens Scenarios document refers to a forecast by the independent International Energy Agency (IEA) that points to a temperature rise of up to 4C in the short term, rising later to 6C.

The Shell document says: “Both our (oceans and mountains) scenarios and the IEA New Policies scenario (and our base case energy demand and outlook) do not limit emissions to be consistent with the back-calculated 450 parts per million (Co2 in the atmosphere) 2 degrees C.”

It adds: “We also do not see governments taking steps now that are consistent with 2 degrees C scenario.”…

Surely there’s nothing Shell itself could do to try to mitigate global warming. They’re just planning realistically for our future!

But seriously, this is disgusting. It shows callous disregard for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Contact Shell and tell them to change their plans:

Mail: P.O. Box 2463, Houston, TX 77252 (Shell Oil Company)
Shell U.S. Switchboard: 713-241-6161 (all Shell U.S. companies)
US Shareholder Services: 888-737-2377
Shell U.S. Media Relations: 713-241-4544
Shell U.S. Trademarks: 888-SHELLTM or 888-743-5586
Shell U.S. Royalties:   281-544-2600

Update 1:

Brilliant comment from RhodeIslandAspie:

RW media may not believe climate change is real.
But sure looks like Shell believes it. Smoking gun.

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