Stop 4G/5G Cell Towers From Being Installed On Utility or Light Poles, 15–50 Feet from homes to protect your Safety, Privacy and Property Values.

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A 2011 article in IEEE Spectrum says that for the World Heath Organization, a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries reviewed the latest research and classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields — from any source — as Group 2B, “possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer.” Citing Studies completed from 2011 to 2018, Dr. Lennart Hardell and other members from that committee are calling to change RF Microwave radiation to Group 1 — a definite human carcinogen.


Governor Brown vetoed California’s 2017 Small Cell Bill (Senate Bill 649), so, fortunately, all California cities retained their authority to regulate the operations of cell phone towers to protect residents’ constitutionally-guaranteed rights to privacy and safety. The last CA Cell Tower bill to pass was Assembly Bill 57 in 2015, which granted an exemption to fire stations because the Firefighter’s Unions entered substantial evidence into the public record that cell towers on or near fire stations caused brain abnormalities in every firefighter examined.

Property Values

We need to halt this ill-advised Wireless-only project and enter into a public process that delivers the least intrusive means to get the fastest, most reliable and energy-efficient Internet access (Wireline fiber-optic service to our homes — without data caps) and to put any new Wireless antennas much farther away from our homes. Cell phone towers installed close to homes significantly reduces property values. A peer-reviewed study published in the 2005 Appraisal Journal, said homes near cell phone towers are devalued 20% to 25%.

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Here is What You Can Do:

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the Wireless industry to lobby our State and Federal legislators and game the system, the 99% far outnumbers the 1% and we can wield game-changing power — if we band together, defend our inalienable rights and demand changes.

  • Visit your city-specific page, listed in the menu above.
  • Read the pages and watch the videos on this web site.
  • Learn more at other expert web sites here, here and here.
  • Write your City Council members and City Manager to demand that they stop these Wireless-only projects and engage in a public process — as required by Federal, State and Municipal code.
  • Pack any public meetings in Apr/May 2018 — to speak or support others who will speak. There is real strength in numbers.

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