Studio 102, Hanoi, Vietnam, green renovation, living space, workspace, energy consumption, natural ventilation, reclaimed materials, natural lighting

Mein Garten is a consulting and design firm that focuses on landscape architecture and horticulture. They were looking for an office space which would convey the company’s design attitude and provide a space closely connected to nature. They found a vacant twin house in Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh New urban park and commissioned Studio 102 to come up with a renovation design. Portions of the walls were removed to facilitate a stronger connection between areas and establish several semi-open spaces.

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White-painted walls dominate the design and create a pleasant work environment that doesn’t have a rigid spatial structure. Different elements such as water, verandas, terraces and walkways bring people closer to nature and to each other. The architects used Durawood panels to cover most of the house and reduce its energy consumption, while the use of reclaimed materials, natural ventilation and the optimization of natural lighting enabled the team to cut the construction costs.

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Photos by u Xuan Son