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As incredible as it might sound, in less than 50 days, our nation’s most successful conservation program could end.

From the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains to the community parks and trails in our own backyards, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has set aside and protected special places for the past 50 years.

If you’ve gone camping, hiking or exploring somewhere this summer, there’s a good chance the LWCF helped protect it. Now this critical fund is on Congress’ chopping block. And if we don’t act now it will expire — for good.

Protect our parks and special places by saving the LWCF. Send a message right now.

Here’s the ridiculous part of the story. The program doesn’t cost ordinary taxpayers a dime.

Instead, the 50-year old program uses royalties from offshore oil and gas drilling to help fund protections for our nation’s parks and special places. Yet Congress still might let it die.

The fund has permanently protected nearly 5 million acres of public lands including the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Trail, the White Mountain National Forest, and Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, America’s first national wildlife refuge. [1]

Now, we risk losing it altogether.

Time is running out to protect our parks. Send a message to your senators.


Dan Jacobson

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