The Siege of Southern California

Dec 8, 2017 by

After days of wildfires in Southern California, the forecast for the largest one, the Thomas fire in Ventura, is that it could burn for a couple of weeks. Already it is believed to have destroyed hundreds of homes, despite the heroic efforts of firefighters who concede they are no match for the fierce, erratic Santa Ana winds that have driven half a dozen major blazes across four counties. Among the new wildfires Thursday, one in northern San Diego County destroyed homes and prompted evacuations as it moved toward Oceanside. Here is the latest.

More About the Fires
— How the Santa Ana winds have made the wildfires so intense this time.
— “To a Southern Californian, there are fewer word combinations more frightening than ‘Santa Ana winds’ and ‘high fire risk,’” writes columnist Robin Abcarian. “This week, we saw why.”
— In case you missed it: How to prepare for a last-minute evacuation in case of fire.
— What do hungry firefighters eat for breakfast? Try 10,000 eggs and 4,500 strips of bacon.
— These photos show otherworldly scenes of the Thomas fire burning in the night. Plus, Times photographer Marcus Yam discusses how he got his dramatic images.

Fire in Ventura

John Bain, left, and Brandon Baker take cover from embers as they try to help stop a fire from burning a stranger’s home in Ventura. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

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