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Magical things can happen when people see small as a choice rather than an unfortunate situation. The latter person will be unlikely commit to her life. Her home, stuff and attitude will reflect a resentment that she can’t afford a bigger place. But one who chooses ‘less’ will commit. She will make things work to their utmost extent. She will use her limited resources as a crowbar for opening creative potential. I can say with some confidence that Polish designer Szymon Hanczar is someone who chooses small. His 140 sq ft flat is a celebration to commiting to living small and light.

There’s not much to be said of the apartment that can’t be seen in the photos. There’s one closet that could fit a very pared down wardrobe and, amazingly, a tiny washing machine to clean that wardrobe. There’s a super tiny kitchen that looks useable, though not necessarily ideal for preparing large dinner parties. There’s a white tiled “wet” bathroom that is next to the kitchen. And there’s a sleeping loft.

So far as I can tell, almost all the furniture was purchased at IKEA. The chair is the TERJE. That’s a MALM dresser. I suspect the innards of the cabinets are from the PAX system. Not sure if the table is IKEA. This is cool in my opinion. It shows that you can make a beautiful, livable space with limited funds and very limited space.

Via Design Milk

Photo credit: Jędrzej Stelmaszek / grappastudio.pl

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