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          Dear Women
Best greetings!

As many of you know, we are now launching WECAN’s On-line Education and Advocacy Trainings on June 2nd, which are part of our 6-point plan as U.S. women come together and mobilize for climate action and justice in the lead up to the December 2015 United Nations Paris climate negotiations (COP21), the 2016 U.S. elections and beyond.

We welcome you all to participate in any or all of the trainings and also to share the invitation with your network. We have attached here both a PDF and word document of the flyer for the trainings, and we would love to have you personalize the flyer if you like , add your logo at the bottom and send out to your list and social media. Or, simply send out the PDF as is. Thank you as we need your support to spread the word far and wide!
The presenters for the trainings are incredible leaders who we can’t wait to hear from and we look forward to having you join us.
To give you a taste, the first training will be on June 2nd and 4th and is called: Women for 100% Renewable Energy—from Installation to Advocacy. Topics will include: learning how to install solar— including for low-income women, how engaging in renewables saves money and helps the climate,  how to take back our local power, what is distributed/decentralized energy and how do we realize it, how to not be intimated by the technology, what is net-metering, what policies are worth fighting for in the transition to renewable energy, what does a just transition to renewable energy actually mean, how to take on your local utility company, and a list of resources so women leave the training equipped to implement. We will also include a discussion about energy efficiency and consumption and what it means to live well, not more. 
We look forward to our next steps together and your participation in the upcoming inspiring and productive trainings,
Osprey and the WECAN Team

Osprey Orielle Lake
Co-Founder/Exec.Dir. Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)
Mill Valley, California

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