Vaccines on Trial: Michigan President of AAP Calls Catch-Up Vaccination “Torture”

Feb 28, 2018 by

IN OAKLAND COUNTY COURT, Michigan AAP President Teresa Holtrop, MD, FAAP testified this morning that a child who is forced to received multiple vaccines to come up to speed on the CDC pediatric vaccination schedule would be subjected to torture

“This poor child would have to be tortured” with multiple vaccines to come up to the vaccine schedule, she testified. (Specific quote: “Because this child has not been immunized, this poor child will have to tortured with six immunizations at one time.”)

“It is the balance between whether you would put the child in pain, or don’t do it and put the child at risk” she said.

No studies have examined the risk of adverse events due to receiving multiple vaccines in one office visit.[See correction, below.]

The case is a custody case being fought between Lori Matheson, a vaccine risk aware mother, and the child’s father.

The mother has made it clear that she does not want vaccines, which are made using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses, to receive vaccines for two reasons. The first is her religious-based objection to abortion, and her second reason is that her family has autoimmune disorders, and she is concerned that vaccines may trigger autoimmunity.

Last month, biomedical ethical expert Dr. Alvin Moss, MD testified that vaccines are, in fact made using cells derived from aborted fetuses, and Matheson’s family members testified that they, and other family members, have rheumatoid arthritis.

The AAP President also testified that she did not know that the AAP receives donations from Pharmaceutical manufacturers, including vaccine manufacturers. When presented with the AAP’s annual Giving Report, she testified that the report stated that AAP received donations from Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi-Pasteur and other vaccine manufacturers.

She testified that she did not know that Vaccine Choice Coalition and the American Medical Association also receive funding from vaccine manufacturers.

Dr. Holtrop also testified that she did not know that Michigan Department of Health is funded in part by CDC, and CDC is funded by pharmaceutical companies via donations made by vaccine manufacturers that donate to the CDC Foundation.

CORRECTION: One analysis by Dr. Neil Miller, published in 2016, found that Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe (

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