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Make sure and catch episode 9 now, before it expires. It’s the episode that ties everything together.


For those of you that have supported our movement by owning the Vaccines Revealed mission – we have a very special Thank You!

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is going to do a LIVE online Q&A.


We’ve received thousands of questions and comments, and we want to answer. We knew that as you watched this series you’d have questions that you want answers for… -and we want to answer them for you.

We’ll announce this episode in the coming days.

And… We’re including a recording of the live Q&A in your package. There’s nothing for you to do. We’re including it as a Bonus Gift for those of you who have chosen to support us.

If you are considering owning Vaccines Revealed – the time to take action is now, – right now, you get the special 50% pricing – before we close down the program… – and you’ll have this Q&A bonus in your package – This is in addition to the 9 episodes and the other Bonus Goodies – (whether you decide to own Silver or Gold)

Make sure you don’t miss the expiring 50% savings to own Vaccines Revealed.

To support our Movement and join the cause –

CLICK HERE to own Vaccines Revealed now.

With Appreciation,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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