Violence Was Widespread and Systematic: Demand That the U.S. State Department Act on Myanmar

Sep 15, 2018 by

It’s been one year since more than 720,000 Muslim minority Rohingya people suffered unimaginable violence and abuse at the hands of Myanmar security forces and Rakhine Buddhist civilians. Thousands of people were killed, women and girls were raped, often in front of their families, and entire villages were burned to the ground. As part of a large-scale and unique research effort to determine the scope, scale, and patterns of these attacks against the Rohingya, PHR documented forensic evidence of the serious injuries and trauma suffered by the Rohingya survivors. Now, we’re calling on YOU to help spur the U.S. government into action over the unspeakable violent attacks and human rights abuses inflicted on the Rohingya in Myanmar.


Add your name to our letter to the U.S. State Department – the time to act is NOW. 

Then, read our latest findings on the Rohingya crisis.


We Set DHS Secretary Nielsen Straight on Family Separation

Within days of the first separations of immigrant families at the U.S. border, more than 20,000 medical professionals and PHR supporters condemned the barbaric practice in a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Her answer was so full of obvious factual errors and misleading doublespeak that we just had to set the record straight. We drafted a serious response to Secretary Nielsen (read it here), and then had a little fun “fixing” her letter for her.

Facts still matter, and PHR will never let false narratives go unchallenged.

Read our rebuttal to DHS Secretary Nielsen here.

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