Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Nails Trump Voters for Being Impervious to Truth

Jun 4, 2016 by

Election 2016

The problem goes way beyond Trump.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson visited Bill Maher’s Real Time on Friday night, and took the opportunity to lament the sorry state of American education. The main evidence he cited is Trump supporters.

While others on the panel discussed the problem that is Donald Trump, deGrasse Tyson thinks the problem goes well beyond the Republican presidential candidate.

“As an educator I care about the population and the electorate,” he said. “All this attention going to complain about Donald Trump. You’re not really complaining about Donald Trump, there’s a major portion of the electorate who likes him, and so they are your obvious object of your ire. Then shouldn’t you be looking at the educational system that somehow allows people to not think about data, to not think about what is or is not true in this world?”

“You can knock Trump out of the contest and the population that supports him will just wait for the next one to rise up and you have to beat the next one over the head!”

Watch the exchange here:

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