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Chris Shade is cool.  And it’s not just his name, it’s what he’s doing.As a pedigreed scientist who has advanced both the detection and detoxification for mercury toxicity, he has inadvertently landed himself smack dab in the hero’s circle for parents of children with autism.  Why?  Because as most parents who go down the autism rabbit hole soon learn, heavy metals and mercury detoxification can play a pivotal role in whether or not a child moves quickly or slowly through autism recovery.

Now, on the eve of the launch of his first large-scale release of one of his scientific breakthroughs, Dr. Shade is poised to branch beyond the heavy metals world to the world of network marketing and CBD oil, a role that may land him in the hearts of Americans who are seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals for conditions like chronic pain and inflammation.

The product, which is kind of a big deal in the world of natural health and alternative medicine, is the first proprietary blend of 100% bioavailable CBD oil.  Not the get-you-high kind, the get-you-better kind.  Considering the fact that the industry average was 30% bioavailability prior to Shade’s formula, this is a quantum leap.

Not just because pharmaceuticals continue to fail when it comes to chronic pain (the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 50 is now drug overdose, a 19% increase from 2015 to 2016) but also because since 1992, the amount of research and discovery supporting the use of CBDs for chronic pain and inflammation has skyrocketed.

Google any condition and CBD oil, and what you will discover is a treasure trove of data, white papers, scientific research and information — all available at the fingertips of anyone seeking alternative therapies to chronic pain.

That means for more than 20 years, layers of scientific discovery have been percolating and ripening, slowly incinerating the propaganda that was birthed against this herbal remedy more than 70 years ago.

The holy grail in any product market is having a proprietary/patented technology that addresses a need across the population in a much better way than anything that has come before it.

Dr. Shade’s formula does just that.  Just two to four squirts a day under the tongue provides enough CBD oil to affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors — part of the endocannabinoid system that was mapped out in the human body in the 1990s.  These receptors are part of the neurological and immune systems, and appear to play a critical role in the body’s ability to heal itself. (In 1992 Raphael Mechoulam identified crucial components of the endocannabinoid system, identifying a novel neurotransmitter, a naturally-occurring “endo-cannabi-noid,” which attaches to the same mammalian brain-cell receptors as THC. They decided to call it “anandamide,” deriving from the Sanskrit word for bliss).

Shade’s proprietary blend solves the problem plaguing the CBD oil industry up to this point, which is drug delivery.  Sublingual formulas usually end up getting destroyed by gastric acids in the gut.  The resulting effect is 30% bioavailability, or, absorption.

By encapsulating the CBD molecule in a liposome, Shade has managed the holy grail which is a Trojan horse effect enabling the CBD molecule to survive the gastric soup in the gut making it all the way to the small intestines and into the bloodstream across the blood-brain barrier in 10 to 20 minutes! In some cases, the technological breakthrough has even made the difference between CBD working versus not working at all.

Add in the 2014 Farm Act signed by Barack Obama which makes any CBD product under .3% TCH legal in all 50 states and … you’ve got the perfect storm for Shade’s CBD oil to go mainstream.

Maybe Dr. Christopher Shade had a glimmer of that magic leading up to this moment, maybe he didn’t.  Either way, he finds himself at the precipice of an exciting tidal wave, as this week the world learns he is the scientist behind the newest craze to hit alternative medicine in forever and that’s called Prime My Body.

Based on hemp and rejuvenation, PMB is sweeping the nation.   According to PMB’s Director of Marketing Jonathan Taylor, the company has exceeded sales forecasts during its pre launch phase by 200% ($3m versus $1m).

Dr. Shade’s CBD oil has been available under his Quicksilver Scientific label for awhile, but today the world finds out they can now not only purchase the oil directly from PMB, and can generate an income stream by sharing it with their network.

This is a huge opportunity for moms in California who have been forced to choose between opting out of mandatory vaccines for their children versus earning a living and homeschooling.

It is also an opportunity for chronic pain sufferers to find out if they can better manage their pain naturally, versus chronic use of pharmaceuticals and other synthetic drugs.

Shade has a nerdy swagger that is appealing and friendly.  His ability to empathize with his clients and parents seeking treatment for their children moving through autism is sincere and heartfelt.  He comes across as part passionate entrepreneur, part new-age scientific chemist wielding his knowledge of chemistry for good not for evil, able to see around medical corners and formulate really interesting natural remedies.

Being able to change the brain for good,” is one of his goals, and he seems to be living up to it.  When we spoke to him at the Autism One conference last week, he lit up when he talked about this next step and PMB.

“Some of it comes from the foot of the Himalayas in Burma, and it is beautiful,” he said, while discussing the source of the hemp used in his oil.  (Shade is overseeing production of his formula for PMB.  Shade was attending the conference as a lecturer, and was one of several esteemed speakers touting the benefits of the ancient plant.  Here is Dr. Shade’s lecture from A.O.)

The ‘beautiful’ reference Shade made is for the spectrum of cannabidiol molecules he says is in this crop of hemp — “there are CBVs, CBGs, not just CBDs,” he explains. This one, he says, has a broad array of many of them, making it an extremely attractive source of raw hemp for the oil.

Shade, who has a PhD from The University of Illinois, is known for creating large-scale patented technology for mercury analysis. He ventured into his own concoctions and potions in the form of nutraceutical company Quicksilver Scientific, and his partnership with Prime My Body is his first foray into the network marketing model.

For the first time in more than 70 years, the healing benefits of this incredible plant are being returned to the people of America and the globe, as Americans are learning more about how their bodies work and how they can help them heal naturally.


Prime My Body’s formula is the only one that has a natural, proprietary, drug-delivery system to bypass the gastrointestinal system and go right to the blood stream.  It is 100% absorbable and is grown, cultivated and harvested with the utmost standards.

Prime My Body also has an affiliate program, for those interested in building a business around informing and educating people about the health benefits of CBD oil.  Go to www.healyourlife.primemybody.com for more information.

The author of this article is a PMB affiliate and recommends it wholeheartedly to her clients, families and friends.

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