ANNOUNCING NAME CHANGE!  Stop 5G International Is Now Safe Tech International   

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 This email is dedicated to the memory of Jim Turner who passed away quite suddenly in late January. With deepest appreciation to Jim for his decades of service to humanity, we humbly assume the mantel of his advocacy. May his soul rest in peace knowing that he made this world a better place. 


Stop 5G International Is Now Safe Tech International

After much deliberation, we have decided to change our name from Stop 5G International to Safe Tech International.

Change comes both from challenging and dismantling the old, and from building the new. As technology changes so quickly, we opted for a more future-proof name that envisions what we want, rather than what we don’t want, in order to steer future innovations in a wiser direction. Calling for safe technology invites cooperation and care for our shared planet and future.

We intend to continue awareness raising about safer and more balanced ways to integrate technology into our world — ways that respect and honor all life forms with whom we share this beloved planet and beyond.

The new site includes a section for News and Updates of 5G/EMF related developments, as well as a calendar of Upcoming Events. Please send news items or events from your country that may be of interest to the global EMF community.

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Our new email address will be
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The weekend of Spring Equinox, 19/20 March, 2022, has been set for the next Global Action Days/Events. We invite people to join together and call for an immediate halt to unchecked wireless radiation expansion on Earth, in Space, and in the Ocean…for the sake of freedom for all. The message: “We do not consent to a few powerful technology/satellite companies, $$, and the military industrial complex dictating the future of all life on Earth.” For more info, click HERE and HERE.


Thankfully, word is getting out about the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), aka “Smart” Oceans. Check out this recent piece by Tessa Lena published by Dr. Mercola, Mercola – New Threat to Life: The Internet of Underwater Things. (Please note that due to online censorship issues, Mercola’s articles have only a 48-hour lifespan on the internet, so the original link has expired; however, the article can still be accessed HERE.)

For more on Oceans, please see Arthur Firstenberg’s January 2022 Update CELL TOWERS ON THE OCEAN FLOOR and Safe Tech International, Overview of the Internet of Underwater Things

One blue sky above us,
One ocean lapping all our shores,
One earth so green and round,
Who could ask for more?
– Pete Seeger



Calling for 5G/EMF Interested Attorneys
Broadband International Legal Action Network, often referred to as BBILAN, is a forum where attorneys from different countries can come together to share, discuss, and collaborate on ways to address the unbridled wireless expansion taking place around the world. BBILAN addresses issues that are a direct result of 5G on Earth, satellites in the skies, “smart” oceans, the internet of things, and ownership, control, and manipulation of data. These include laws pertaining to outer space, health, property rights, privacy/surveillance/cyber security, nature preservation, and seas.
The more international support for BBILAN’s work, the better positioned it will be to ensure the best possible outcomes for us all locally as well as nationally and internationally.
If you know of any attorneys from your country who may be interested in joining this collaboration and “meeting of minds”, please email us at and we will forward your message to BBILAN. If possible, include a brief description of EMF-related cases and a bio about the attorney’s work in relevant fields. Many thanks!! 
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Realizing that through our story-telling efforts, we are the ones writing the independent, non-industry history of this environmental and health movement, we plan to host a Blog/Article section on the new website. We intend to publish 1-2 blogs/articles per week and seek to include many voices. We invite you to join our community of writers, and share your stories. If interested, please email us with your blog or ideas. 

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Two New Filings To The FCC and a Letter Re Satellites
With ongoing litigation regarding the FCC’s licensing of mega constellations of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, SpaceX now seeks to deploy approximately 30,000 more satellites that would operate 200 kilometers even closer to earth. The following filing to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Letter to FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel address this most request by SpaceX. At the links, you can also access prior filings by the Balance Group and Broadband Legal Action Network (BB-ILAN).

The BALANCE GROUP filed Comments at the FCC Opposing SpaceX’s next-generation (Gen2) satellite network launch and operating authority request

BROADBAND LEGAL ACTION NETWORK: 2022-02-10 Filings re: FCC Permit for SpaceX 30K Satellites

Privacy, Surveillance, Rights and Data

Privacy, particularly in the US,  has gone largely under the radar (so to speak) in our advocacy work. This webinar provides a great overview of the basic issues.

2022-01-26 Webinar: Citizen Rights and Remedies Under the Shadow of 5G Surveillance and Behavioral Modification

This webinar assesses central legal issues and best practices concerning data privacy, surveillance, cyber-insecurity, control and censorship, mis- and disinformation, and the prediction and manipulation of human behavior in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The program particularly focuses on the fundamental infrastructural challenges of 5G proliferation into every home and workplace.

Though local to the US,  please also consider signing and sharing this brand new PETITION.

Sampling of News and Updates

When Thrown a Lemon, Make Lemonade

Amelia is a 13 year old girl who lives in Pittsford MA, in the USA. She and her mom have worked tirelessly to protect themselves and their neighborhood from a cell tower that was erected near their home. In a monumental victory, the Pittsfield Board of Health recently voted to order Verizon to “cease and desist.”

Following is an excerpt from a letter Amelia wrote to city officials, adults, and to “anyone reading this”:

My mom would ground me if I was told not to do something and I kept doing it over and over. I’ve heard my grandma say, “When we know better, we do better.”

Big people, we know better. Please, do something. We never thought this could happen to us so please, don’t wait until it happens to you.

I’m asking everyone who is reading this to advocate for cell tower setbacks away from schools and homes. I’m asking everyone to require the FCC standards that fail to protect us from biological harm to be updated. I’m asking you restore my neighborhood to the safe, residential place it was before the tower, and I am asking for each and every person to care about the wireless safety issue.

Our people, our pollinators and our planet depend on you.


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