BREAKING: Obama Will Go to Jail for Treason IMMEDIATELY if Rand Paul is Right!

Sep 14, 2016 by

Well guys, Rand Paul may not have a shot in hell of being President after what Trump did to him, but that’s not gonna stop him from taking President Obama down with him!

Senator Paul actually had the balls to challenge Obama’s newest plan to support Islamic terrorists byselling $1.15 BILLION worth of US weapons to Saudi Arabia!

Paul organized a group of Senators to challenge the president’s plan by declaring it a“disaster and an escalation of an ongoing arms race in the region.”

Apparently, that scared the PI$$ out of Obama so much that he sicked Wolf Blitzer and CNN on Rand.

Anyone with half a brain knows how dangerous Saudi Arabia is. Hell, they funded 9/11. But when Rand Paul went on CNN to discuss his stance, Blitzer demeaned every rational Amercian by declaring:

“So for you, this is a moral issue. You know, there’s a lot of jobs at stake.

Screw that! Sure, jobs are important, but so are the lives of Americans. The last thing we want to do is arm our enemies more than we already have!

Luckily Rand absolutely CRUSHES Wolf when he said the President CANNOT go to war by handing out weaponry. The Constitution gives that power EXCLUSIVELY to Congress. (H/T –RT)

But wait, if Obama is not following the Constitution as President, that means he is committing TREASON.

This is America, dammit! We are a country of Laws, and Liberals need to learn to start following them!!!


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  1. Stephen

    A proxy war that is ongoing and aided and abetted by Hillary and her actions as SOS is still illegal war. OK so Congress where is your responsibility? Cowards to the monied elite.

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