California’s Mandatory Vaccination Law Takes a Hit

Jul 19, 2016 by

The debate over vaccine choice and medical freedom in California is heating up. The legality of the state’s new medical mandate will now be questioned in court on the basis of constitutionality, discrimination, and invasion of privacy. A high-class legal team is leading the challenge.

New information about a planned secret meeting between a doctor in the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and officials from the California Medical Board was just uncovered which has also lead to a formal complaint being filed against the CDPH for alleged collusion and attempts to illegally garner medical information from student records. Such actions may be a violation of several state laws already in effect.

Those fighting California’s new mandatory vaccination law are supporting the legal team’s efforts to overturn what is viewed as a gross overreach of government power. Medical decisions should always be based on informed consent, not coercion. And vaccine decisions should be made between you and your doctor, not politicians.

Click here to read full details and commentary on these latest developments, including alleged plans for a doctor in the CDPH to work with the medical board to illegally investigate doctors who write medical exemptions to vaccination.

To read the official court document filed by the legal team, lead by the non-profit organization Education for All, and to offer support, click here. 

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