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 By: Atreyee Chowdhury

Finally, courts in the US have confirmed that MMR vaccine can cause autism and stomach disorders, vindicating the stance of Dr Andrew Wakefield who had first made the claim about 15 years ago. The doctor was then maligned by drug companies and the media for his research and findings to such an extent that he had to end up not being able to practice medicine.

He however stuck to his stance against the vaccine and became a best-selling author and also the founder of Strategic Autism Initiative and the director of the Autism Media Channel.

After so many years of belittling the doctor and destroying his career, the media and the courts have confirmed that MMR vaccine was the most likely cause of autism and stomach disorders in children. Pharmaceutical companies are now buying the silence of people to escape more damning allegations. Many people have now voiced their concerns because vaccines are mandatory in most schools in Washington.

The concerns of Dr Wakefield were confirmed in two landmark rulings in 2012. Since the media is under the control of businesses that own pharmaceutical companies, the rulings largely went unnoticed and unreported. However, some sections of the media published the story about the compensations paid to patients who were harmed by the vaccine. The Liberty Beacon said, “While repeated studies from around the world confirmed Wakefield’s bowel disease in autistic children and his position that safety studies of the MMR vaccine are inadequate, Dr. Wakefield ’s career has been destroyed by false allegations. Despite this he continues to work tirelessly to help solve the autism catastrophe.”

He was once again attacked recently by the UK government because parents in the UK were refusing to vaccinate their children with the MMR vaccine.

In an interview with, Dr Wakefield said that he was appalled by the enthusiasm of British authorities to protect the MMR programme than the health of children by withdrawing single vaccines, a viable alternative to MMR, and trying to impose the MMR vaccine. This was despite observations by courts in Italy and the US that the vaccine was indeed liable for serious brain damages in children.

He said, “Now this question has been answered not by me, but by the courts, by the vaccine courts in Italy and in the United States of America where it appears that many children over the last thirty years have been awarded millions of dollars for the fact that they have been brain-damaged by MMR vaccine and other vaccines and that brain damage has led to autism. That is a fact.”

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