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Most people are starting to realize that they’ve been LIED to during this entire pandemic by our government officials, health “authorities”, big pharma, and more…about a LOT of things.

Worse yet, thousands of doctors, PhD’s, virologists and more have been constantly censored and banned by social media giants (owned by the same major shareholders as big pharma) when these brave health experts have tried to tell the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes.

You’ll NEVER hear any of this in mainstream media as they’re not allowed to say anything that goes against the government approved propaganda narrative.

You’ve probably seen over the last couple weeks my brave colleagues that created the documentary series Covid Revealed.  It’s been getting worldwide attention, for good reason… because people are fed up with the lies and want to hear the truth that has been censored all along.

For this weekend only, Covid Revealed is putting up all 9 episodes on a special page on their website for FREE viewing if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.  It contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the truth on alternative treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, vitamin D, monoclonal antibodies, and lots more.  It also contains shocking data about the vaccines that aren’t being admitted by the government or mainstream media.

Watch the 9 episodes of Covid Revealed for FREE here until Sunday night

In these 9 episodes, here is just a taste of some of the information revealed:

1.The truth behind hydroxychloroquine, shocking information about Big Pharma, and the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology speaks out against the Covid jab.

2.RFK Jr. fearlessly uncovers HUGE secrets. Treatment protocols for C0VlD proved very successful but have been written off. Why? And, meet a teenager whose life was derailed by the vaccine.

3. After 30 years, the technology behind the vaccine still hadn’t panned out. Why is it being used now, and where is the research proving its safety? A celebrated vaccine researcher offers insight into the current situation. And, you’ll be shocked by the ways research has been botched, fudged, and ignored.

4. All about how viruses work, how hospital protocol may be doing more harm than good, a lawyer who is shocked by the way vaccine injured patients are being treated, and a healthy professional whose life was changed by a reaction to the C0VlD jab.

5. “This is a disease based on the manipulation of statistics,” you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting injured from the vaccine they say, and the truth about the shot’s effect on women’s menstrual cycles.

6. An honest look at the CDC, the FDA, and how they do business, are hospitals really overrun by unvaxxed people, or is really mostly vaxxed people? And, hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved, if they had just done this.

7. What’s happening to our medical freedoms? Medical workers and PhDs are among the people groups who are refusing this vaccine the most. What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

8. Practical, to-the-point information on how to avoid catching C0VlD and what to do if you get it. Is this pandemic only the beginning? What are they planning next? And… the TRUTH about masks.

9.The ethics behind vaccinating kids, the truth about naturally acquired immunity, the importance of freedom, and what you need to know about Fauci’s lies.


Enjoy this series… but remember, these episodes are only LIVE until SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT, so plan your binge-watching accordingly!


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