Maryland schools ban thousands of students without government-mandated vaccinations

Sep 19, 2016 by

by Casey Danson
Herd immunity does not work.  
What is the real reason for forced vaccination and who profits from one of the greatest scientific frauds and biological manipulations of all-time?
Could this be one of the most insidious eugenics programs in our countries history?
Reminder follow-up on FACTS MATTER and Why California’s Mandatory School Vaccination Bill needed to be vetoed and now needs to be repealed.
We are living in extremely tenuous times.
Ones of the great slight of hand cons in human history and one of the most dangerous.
The question remains:
Are billions of dollars being generated for guaranteed share holder profits in one of the riskiest experiments in history with emphasis on the most vulnerable in our society – our children?
President Eisenhower warned of the danger of the military industrial complex.
Perhaps as Americans and humans we take another discerning look at this and the consequences of unfettered and unchecked plutocratic corporate government monopolistic power that each day seems to look more like a plantation than a free society. 

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