12 Year Old Girl Develops Guillain-Barré Syndrome After Gardasil Vaccine – Suffers Paralysis

Michelle Snyder and her daughter Ashley were interviewed by the VAXXED team about the Gardasil vaccine. Ashley developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Video here.

HPV Vaccine Stakeholders versus Desperate Parents

by Norma Erickson, President

Opposing Perspectives on HPV Vaccines

Every country with an HPV vaccination program also has a group of parents with children who have lost their health, sometimes their lives after HPV vaccine administration. These parents are fighting against all odds to try and find ways to restore their children’s life to pre-vaccine status. They need honest answers and need them NOW.

Meanwhile, HPV vaccine promoters are doing their level best to eliminate any conversations about HPV vaccine issues except for those discussing ways to increase uptake and/or market share.

One group seems to have all the money, power and influence to accomplish their goal of vaccinating the entire currently healthy global population against HPV infections. The other group is composed of parents who are emotionally, financially and physically exhausted by their efforts to discover exactly what happened to their children and how to repair the damage.

Is the situation hopeless? Perhaps not. If you have any questions or concerns about HPV vaccinations, please take the time to read this entire article. Honest discussions about HPV vaccine issues could be a possibility despite the uneven distribution of resources between these two groups.

Analyze the Situation

Parents left with no choice but to fight to restore their child’s former health after their right to informed consent was ignored and tragedy occurred, hold a power nearly impossible to defeat.

There is no force in the universe stronger than a parent defending their child.

This fact obviously scares the daylights out of those who wish to administer HPV vaccines to every child on the planet regardless of the consequences.

If one observes the outrageous conduct HPV vaccine proponents exhibit when confronted with questions from parents desperately seeking to restore their children’s health to pre-HPV vaccination status, it is painfully obvious that the power these parents hold strikes fear in the heart of vaccine stakeholders.

Simply examine how international health authorities respond to questions about HPV vaccines. Typical tactics include (but are not limited to) marginalizing suffering families, blaming psychosomatic disorders, using mass hysteria as an excuse, using threats of custody issues, claiming parental invention of the symptoms, blaming, name-calling, and so on and so on…

When questions are answered at all, they are ‘answered’ by a person in ‘authority’ who expects one to accept the answer with absolutely no valid scientific evidence to support their position. It seems using any means necessary to avoid open honest scientific discussion is the standard method of operation.

Any country where HPV vaccines are used apparently utilizes the same set of tactics to avoid the possibility of honest scientific discussions regarding the risk/benefit profile of HPV vaccines, potential adverse reactions, or any other concerns about Gardasil, Cervarix, or Gardasil 9.

This behavior is not tolerable under any circumstances, but even less acceptable when promoting mass vaccination of a healthy population for a disease they may never have been at risk of contracting in the first place.

What do the parents of a child with post-HPV vaccination health issues do?

Parents around the world have been given no option but to continue their fight to restore their precious children’s health.  These parents want nothing more than to be able to give their children a future promising options other than more pain and suffering.

Surrender is not an option for them. These warriors need to know the whole world has not abandoned them and their children. These parents desperately need to know they are not alone in their battle to save their children’s future.

The world needs to know these parents will never surrender until their children’s pain and suffering is acknowledged; independent investigations are conducted to discover exactly what happened and why; compassionate and caring medical treatments are provided to restore their children’s former health, and independent scientific/medical risk versus benefit analyses of HPV vaccines are conducted so no other families have to travel the same road without knowing where that road may lead.

HPV vaccine stakeholders need to understand that ultimately, it will not matter what tactics were used to try and suppress honest debate because there is no power on earth strong enough to defeat parents who are fighting for their child’s future.

It’s time to make these facts common knowledge

In order to accomplish this, the SaneVax team is asking everyone who is working to facilitate open honest discussions regarding HPV vaccine issues to seriously consider including the message below whenever you share information regarding the global HPV vaccine controversy on any social media site. This is particularly important when posting reports of successful efforts to provide accurate HPV vaccine information and/or accounts of personal experiences after HPV vaccination.

“The (insert your organization’s name) strongly encourages you to DEMONSTRATE YOUR SUPPORT for the parents of HPV vaccine survivors in (insert the appropriate country) for working so hard to protect the children of the world from joining the ranks of those negatively impacted after HPV vaccine administration. Please use the hashtag #parentpower when you share this article to let them know you appreciate their efforts. Show every parent who is fighting with their back against the wall of silence shrouding the truth know you stand beside them.”

If we can all cooperate on this one small project, #parentpower will soon be a visible symbol of the true power held in the hands of all parents who will not stop fighting for their children’s future.

Please, help the parents of HPV vaccine survivors realize they have your support and encouragement. Help the thousands of parents around the world fighting the same battles unite with a demonstration of global solidarity.  Help them witness how much greater that power becomes when multiplied by the strength and support of every parent in the world!

Help show the world #parentpower cannot be defeated!

Read the full article at SaneVax.org.


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