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Written by Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S., Founder of

I admit to being a lazy student of history. Too much rote memorization for me. As seems to be the case with all things in my life… I often do not realize what I don’t know until necessity pushes me to learn.

With today being Independence Day, I woke up thinking about The Revolutionary War, King George and Gov. Jerry Brown, and the parallels between, “No taxation without representation” and “No school in California without vaccination…” but, oh… you still have to pay taxes for schools your children can’t attend unless you bow to the will of politicians who have been bought and paid for by pharma money.

Because I have always been such a poor student of history (science, art, and music are more my thing), I have found myself drawn to the computer over and over again today… in search of things I didn’t know I didn’t know.

What I have learned is just what I suspected, or “knew” in my soul.
History is, once again, repeating itself.

Yes. It is like the 1960s all over again. Bobby Kennedy and Louis Farrakhan. Black churches in the south being burned. Terrorism perpetrated against people of color in their places of worship and in the streets; not just by proclaimed white supremacists, but by the police officers who have sworn oaths before God to protect and serve.
What is happening now goes deeper, though.
We are ALL being threatened, and the terror being perpetrated against us is aimed at what we cherish most deeply… it is aimed at our children. And it is coming from our own government.
Those of us who have experienced vaccine-injuries and deaths in our children are not just afraid. These are not just “scary times.”
I ran into a long-time friend today at the grocery store. Like me, she has children who have suffered vaccine-injury. I asked about her kids, we talked about our plans for this day, and then THE SUBJECT came up. She put it perfectly.
She said, “It’s terrifying.”


Our own government is committing acts of terror against families who have already sacrificed their children in the name of “the greater good.”

For those of us who have lived the nightmare of serious vaccine-injury and vaccine-related deaths of our children, the actions of the elected officials in California are TERRIFYING.

That is no accident.
We are being terrorized in order to keep us “in line.”

When I watched Brother Tony Muhammad’s speech (June 18, 2015) at the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, I was drawn to the truth and strength in his words. Of everything he said, the one thing that struck my soul most deeply was this:
“We are taught in Islam to LIVE and DIE for the TRUTH.”

Since the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced, after meeting with Bobby Kennedy, Jr., that he would be making the CDC fraud perpetrated NOT ONLY against black boys, but against ALL of OUR children, part of his platform at the 20th anniversary of The Million Man March on Washington, there has been a surge of energy. Those of us who want the truth about vaccines and the government conflicts of interest to come to light are active, awake, and moving forward. Even many who have previously viewed The Nation of Islam with suspicion (or outright fear) have realized that when it comes to the health and safety of our children, we really are not that different. We share a common goal. We also share a common abuser.

It occurs to me that many of us in “the autism community” or “the anti-vaccine community” (or whatever label you choose), are currently feeling a level of terror that our brothers and sisters in the African-American and Muslim communities have been feeling for some time. We have had several prominent doctors die under suspicious circumstances – and not just in the last three weeks. If we go back to when the ‪#‎CDCwhistleblower‬ issue was first revealed (August 2014), we can also include Dr. Mayer Eisenstein among those prominent in “the vaccine-injury/autism field” who have left us very suddenly. It never even occurred to me to question Dr. Eisenstein’s death, which saddened me greatly, and still does.
He was a giant. He was our leader. He was my mentor and even though we only met a few times, I considered him my friend.
Dr. Eisenstein also had the largest group of vaccine-free children in America in his practice, and his records represented “the unvaccinated” subject group in the study which has been promised, but is still yet to be done.
I have been hesitant to comment about this before, but with “our” doctors dropping like flies, somebody had to say it.

There are an awful lot of “coincidences.” And while all of these events really may just be coincidences, with the amount of money involved in the vaccine program and the depth of conflicts within our government agencies and among politicians, there is one thing which cannot be questioned… WE NEED CHANGE and WE ARE THE ONES WHO MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There is one statement we all need to ban from our lips and from our collective psyche:  “I don’t like conflict.”

Unless you plan on handing over all of your rights to oppressive government tyrants, you are going to be thrust into the middle of conflict – like it or not.
This is not about “choice.”
This is about freedom.
As we have all heard many times, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

Today of all days, we need to remember that if our forefathers had been afraid of conflict we would still be living under British rule.

Today is Independence Day.
This is my Declaration of Independence.
I declare my independence from government-sponsored forced medical experimentation on myself and my children.
I declare my independence from pHARMa-sponsored, illegal government “laws” that are only designed to benefit the corporations.

The United States of America is MY country!
It does NOT belong to corporations.
As Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address, 87 years after Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers established a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE – not for the corporations and certainly not for the pharmaceutical companies.
It is time to take OUR government back.

SB277 Its America not A-MERCK-A

In the words of Patrick Henry, and paraphrasing Brother Tony Muhammad, “Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!”

I am not afraid. And I am NOT GOING AWAY.

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