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Paul Offit says it all
     Yesterday hundreds of people gathered on a bitterly cold, windswept First Avenue in Manhattan to protest an event at the New York University Langone Medical Center called “Conronting Vaccine Resistance” which featured some of the the leading proponents for forced vaccination in the United States. The demonstrators were joined by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Gary Null and VAXXED producers Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey along with the VAXXED bus.

Joshua Coleman, a member of the VAXXED crew attempted to interview Paul Offit, a vaccine entrepreneur and advocate of seizing children who are not fully compliant with the federal vaccine schedule, who was there to speak at the meeting. Here is a link to the results which succinctly states Offit’s position (trigger warning: contains profanity.) This brief video is worth viewing.

Inside the closed-to-the-public meeting  NYU Langone personnel heard from a panel including Offitt, State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician and the author of SB 277, the California bill that eliminatated personal belief exemptions, and Dorit Reiss, ostensible a faculty member at Hastings Law School in California but best known as an exceedingly active internet commenter promoting forced vaccination.

The vaccine industry is trying to repeal laws across the United States that allow exemptions from vaccine mandates based on personal belief. A bill to repeal New York’s religious exemption was introduced last year and we expect it to return when the new legislature convenes in January.


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  1. karin

    In NC the only exemption for vaccines is “religious”. Thankfully you do not have to state or prove your religion. A doctor recently asked how my child was able to attend public school without vaccines and I told her “religious exemption”. She asked what religion, I answered Vegan.

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