******They need your children. There is no pandemic. Will end when the digital monetary system is in place. The monsters are here. Compliance or be disconnected. // (VIDEO) Melissa Ciummei – Financial Analyst in Ireland // November 26, 2021

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Subject: ******They need your children. There is no pandemic. Will end when the digital monetary system is in place. The monsters are here. Compliance or be disconnected. // (VIDEO) Melissa Ciummei – Financial Analyst in Ireland // November 26, 2021
This is the underlying issue.
If you have bought and drank  the carbon dioxide and Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019 mind controlled meme Kool-Aid there is time for a return to logical thought and identify those that conned you.
I concur this is an end game.
Plans include turning world into a totalitarian system.
Fiat currency is the underlying foundation mixed with psychopathology and sociopathology.
And yes the issues of social an credit scores will be part of the bane of humanity on the road to be turned into a transhuman biologically modified robot.
Minus a real evolutionary revolution particularly with how propaganda is being spun how will humanity survive as free people?
And I concur this is about conditioning.
Frankly, humans if they do not stop this where is the resolve and desire to be free?
Or is humanity a slave species?
And AI is here.
The rest is hopium.
And compliance is the key.
And I concur it is about the children.
Coercion on steroids.
Unless these dysfunctionaries are brought to justice or self-destruct humanity appears to be toast.
Time for all of us to consider where and how we are going to end up living.
The entirety of this scam is for total control.
Far more dystopian than anything Hitler conceived of.
Everything is dependence upon the state aka communism which is ultimately engineered into the corporate state aka fascism.
Where are the mafia hit men when we need them most?
This woman could be my sister.
Do not kid yourself over fantasy regarding digital currency because for neighborly conscientious people like us would be cancelled.
Truly diabolic.
Minus a cataclysm event which may speed up the intended goals of these sewer rats humanity is going to be ultimately enslaved like nothing in history we have witnessed.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but without some miracles many if not most may not survive minus a mere few.
Time to let go of the past and move into the immediate future.
And the smart phone is the lynch pin for total spectrum control.
Nesara and Gesara are AI ops for the purpose of fooling a naive populace who yearns to believe.
Sadly but with potential AI is running the show and is learning at an incredible rate.
No turning back.
Nazi Germany was a dress rehearsal as this is the real totalitarian state and the updated digital Holocaust mixed with mRNA as if being released in a slow frog boiling process.
There are multiple forces fighting on the etheric plan for dominant control particularly from the shadow side of it.
This source needs to have it’s own power used against itself and perhaps it will self-destruct.
Time is ticking as the experimental species known as human is going to be resurrected into a world of Invasion of The Body Snatchers.
Thing is the Fat Lady is only warming up and has not yet sang. 
Maybe the opera will go into overtime.
Can we sleigh the dragon or will it eat itself?
Stay tuned.
PS And this just in EU members openly considers eliminating The Nuremberg Code.  No, I am not kidding and this is not hyperbole.  We are in the world of the ‘New Normal’.  Biggest planned deception in history.  War has been declared on humanity by an invading force including the crowd at Davos.  And as suggested in this video we are witnessing medical apartheid.  

They need your children.  There’s no pandemic.  This will end when the digital monetary system is in place.  This is a waged war against humanity.  Social credits and carbon credits to shame people.  All about modern slavery with a digital Certificate of Vaccination ID. They are going after kids.  Coercive dictatorship.  Digital fiat currency is the ultimate deceptive enslavement tool and end game. The monsters are here. Compliance or disconnection. / (VIDEO) Melissa Ciummei – Financial Analyst in Ireland // November 26, 2021


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