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The CDC and the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Contractors are Doing Everything They Can to Hide This Scandal…

But with Trump running the show ALL is about to be revealed…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

How the Cover-Up works…

There are two government programs that supposedly monitor the safety of Vaccines in the US.

(1)  The first is an industry joke, a voluntary report called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  

Why is it a joke?  Because pediatricians who jam seven to nine Made-in-China vaccines into a small child at one time NEVER want to turn themselves in for that 108 degree fever, and the beginnings of autism, they caused.  They’d be drummed out of the pediatrician clique – and those trips to Europe paid for by big Pharma would quit.  They can come up with endless reasons why they will NOT file a VAERS report – and they simply do NOT file them.

But it is the second system that is most important…

(2)  The second system is called the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) and it is an entirely different thing – and the data collected is totally TOP SECRET.  Every possible trick is used to hide this data, including, I’m told, contracting out the storage of the twenty-seven years of data to companies in foreign countries so it cannot be subpoenaed by lawyers involved in vaccine litigation.

Got that?

If there is no problem with vaccines why can’t Independent Investigators look at that twenty-seven years of data recording the health records of MILLIONS of American children after they were vaccinated with each, and every, CHILDHOOD VACCINE from January of 1991 to the present?

I think we ALL know the answer to that…

Here is the CDC version of what the VSD is all about:

“The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) is a collaborative project between CDC’s Immunization Safety Office and nine health care organizations. The VSD started in 1990 and continues today in order to monitor safety of vaccines and conduct studies about rare and serious adverse events following immunization.

The VSD uses electronic health data from each participating site.  This includes information on vaccines – the kind of vaccine that is given to each patient, date of vaccination, and other vaccinations given on the same day.  The VSD also uses information on medical illnesses that have been diagnosed at doctors’ offices, urgent care visits, emergency department visits and hospital stays. The VSD conducts vaccine safety studies based on questions or concerns raised from the medical literature and reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). When there are new vaccines that have been recommended for use in the United States or if there are changes in how a vaccine is recommended, the VSD will monitor the safety of these vaccines.

Just below is a map with a list of the nine VSD contractors and their locations.

Isn’t THAT interesting?  Did you notice that the locations of the studies are (or WERE before election 2016) in liberal Democrat controlled Blue States?

Curiouser and curiouser…

In 2015 I was preparing to write a detailed article about the VSD cover-up situation, but suddenly, my sources asked me not to continue.  They didn’t say exactly why, but it was during the period when all of those Alternative Medicine doctors were dying suspiciously.  I had the feeling they didn’t want to, themselves, be found dead.  They called me and begged off, claiming “their attorney advises against this…”

What their attorney meant was, I think, “I don’t need dead clients.”

What was the article I never wrote about?  Three things:

(1)  The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) is little known to vaccine damaged families and their attorneys.  In essence, the VSD is a data base following millions of children from their first vaccine experience to the present.  It covers twenty-seven (27) years of continuous individual medical records all across the US.

The information within it is kept from public view, and as independent researchers, in California, (who need, for the moment, to remain anonymous), have recently found out:

(a)  Those Independent Researchers found out that the VSD data clearly shows a SIGNIFICANT relationship between vaccines and children’s health problems – perhaps tens of thousands of times more than is being admitted to.

(b)  The contractors in the VSD study, it appears to me, are well aware of this and are hiding these facts so as to get “mandatory vaccines” in place in California and across the US.

(2)  “Fake” studies, it appears, using the VSD data, have been written by “friendly” contractors, concluding the opposite of what the data really shows.  When questioned, the authors of the “fake” studies will not produce their data sets for examination studies are OF NO VALUE without backup data.

Those “friendly” authors get, according to records, an average 800 million dollars a year in “research grants” from Big Pharma and the CDC.  You can read more about the VSD, and how it is SUPPOSED to work, here.

(3)  The independent researchers, once the VSD local participants found out what they were finding out, had their access to the VSD cut off.

For my purposes there is adequate documentation of what actually happened.  I’ve had parts of it read to me. More, the independent research was done in California, and involved California children, following what happened to each of them (thousands in the studies), for twenty to twenty-seven years.

Twenty to twenty-seven years of undeniable evidence of vaccine damage to America’s children.  With this, I intended to provide the evidence basis to destroy the US vaccine program.  But, apparently, my sources don’t want to be another “suicide” statistic like Jeff Bradstreet MD.

But now there’s Donald Trump…

Everything in the US changed November 8th, 2016 when “We the People” elected Donald Trump as our President.

The “Donald” took no money from Big Pharma for his campaign.

The “Donald” ran his campaign in front of “We the People” ignoring the liberal media’s demands.  We won this election, frankly, by STOMPING on the liberal media – as well we should.

So, we, “the Deplorables”  are beholden to no one except for the promises we made to ourselves “We the People.”  

So now, it is “America First.”

Trump listens to us, and acts on what he hears…

During the “ObamaNation” years the then-President seemed deeply rooted, and obedient to, the “Agenda 21” nutters, who, for a number of reasons, seemed to need a Presidential Executive Order on which bathroom they should use, as they jumped through their 34 different genders during the day.

What a great legacy for a President of the United States of America.  (Sarcasm Intended).

But Donald Trump is a totally different animal – the complete Alpha Male comfortable in his being, and comfortable, and un-apologetic, in his heterosexual relationships, and his Judeo/Christian values – a man who likes other people for what they are, and what they can do.  He has that look in his eyes…

I know the type…

We “deplorables” are reversing EVERYTHING the globalists did.  There is serious fear in Washington hallways – and there should be, for we haven’t even hardly started.

The liberal Democrats are doing everything they can to try to block Trump’s 4,000 appointments – but slowly, inexoriably, we are getting our people into place, and once they are there…

Our people will have that Vaccine Safety DataLink (VSD) information in OUR hands…

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