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  1. SAM

    What is science? It is an intellectual left-brain process dependent upon the five physical senses. This is the predominant science as defined and practiced today.
    Limits of science in a nutshell. It explains nothing;it can only describes. It proves nothing; it can only verify or disprove. Science cannot deal directly with subjective experience; it can only deal with the objective. “Scientific” does not necessarily mean right,valid or best; it only means that a certain method was followed.
    Belief in science is an act of faith and is, in itself, choice made subjectively and personally, not scientifically. Science is limited by time; tomorrow’s research can not help us today and yesterday’s events can not be directly observed. Science is limited by human bias in the choices of topics upon which the method is applied Etc. etc

    Can’t wait to see it. Most of my friends STOPPED vaccinating their children. I support them.

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