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Reviews for April 1st, 2016

      The controversial doc Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, about the CDC’s cover-up of data in a 2004 study that links MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccines to autism, will open your eyes to the corruption of a government agency whose job is to protect public welfare. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the film’s director, combines fair and balanced interviews with sources ranging from parents of autistic children who were harmed by MMR vaccines to politicians, doctors and a former pharmaceutical rep along with archival footage of congressional audio recordings of Dr. William Thompson, CDC whistleblower who called Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist, to confess that the CDC had covered-up and even manipulated crucial data in the 2004 study.

Vaxxed does bring up the fact that Dr. Wakefield was accused of fraud in his 1998 report on MMR vaccines and autism, but he was falsely accused. Unless you’re made out of stone, you’ll find yourself deeply moved by the interviews with the parents of children who have been injured by MMR vaccines and show clear signs of autism. The facts presented will enrage you because they show how the CDC knew that MMR vaccines are linked to autism, but did everything in their power to supress that link. You’ll learn that, according to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable for causing harm to consumers injured by MMR vaccines (in other words: you can’t sue them), and that when it comes to scientific testing, MMR vaccines aren’t tested as rigorously and thoroughly as pharmaceutical drugs. There are no long-term studies that have tested MMR vaccines nor are there any studies that test non-vaccinated children against vaccinated children.

Vaxxed shows you in an easy-to-understand way precisely how the CDC covered-up and manipulated the data from the 2004 study, and what makes that data so crucial for the sake of public welfare to begin with. Even more enraging are the revolving doors between government and Big Pharma: Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding, the former director of the CDC during that study, now works for the pharmaceutical company Merck as President of Merck Vaccines. Merck just so happens to have an exclusive license to manufacture MMR vaccines. Make of that what you will. Not surprisingly, Dr. Gerberding declined to be interviewed. Her silence speaks louder than words, though. Big Pharma seems like a pimp while government agencies such as the CDC and even the mainstream media are essentially Big Pharma’s unctuous prostitutes. Learning about the CDC’s conscious decision to undermine public welfare reminds me of what Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil. Many members of the CDC are merely following orders and don’t even consider the option of subversively criticizing the “party line” like Dr. Thompson dared to do so bravely. How is the CDC’s cover-up not a crime against humanity? If there were any justice in this world, they would be tried in the Hague.

If there were indeed a Nuremberg-like trial for the CDC, it’s doubtful that the excuse “I was just following orders” would be accepted. Better yet, there should be mandatory mental health assessments for all government agencies as well as politicans. Just imagine if Donald Trump were to undergo a mental health assessment! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Narcissistic Personality Disorder were a common mental illness found in our government. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of vaccines, Vaxxed will ultimately change the way you look at vaccines and the CDC as long as you’re a critical thinker who’s open to new information and not a “Good German.” To be fair, though, the doc doesn’t highlight the difference between two kinds of vaccines: vaccines that contain adjuvants and thimerosal, a preservative that contains mercury, and live, attenuated vaccines that don’t have any adjuvants and preservatives, but that’s a minor, forgivable issue that can be solved once you do more research and ask questions after watching the film.

Prepare to be concurrently enlightened, alarmed and enraged. Instead of seeing vapid junk like Batman v. Superman (which is part of America’s “bread and circuses”), see this important exposé and then decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the risk for you and your children to be injected with an MMR vaccine. Cinema Libre Studio opens Vaxxed at the Angelika Film Center.



  1. DC

    Thank you Casey for a job well done. I was getting pretty discouraged seeing so many pharmaceutical spokespersons bashing the movie when they haven’t even seen it or mentioned any details about it. Fever, eye nerve damage, hearing loss, cellulitis, tendinitis, encephalitis, convulsions, and death were side effects that 7 of my family members experienced due to vaccines (myself included). Come to find out, they were all listed on the drug inserts that we aren’t allowed to see. The only thing we were given was a fraudulent handout from the CDC that said we might get a little soreness or have a little fever – nothing to worry about. How many people out there know that it is up to you to find these drug inserts online because there is no law requiring that they be shown to you? These people who make the vaccines and administer them should be thrown in jail for conducting illegal experiments on humans and pets without proper consent. I cannot wait to see this movie and the makers deserve a standing ovation for putting their careers on the line in order to help us.

  2. Dave

    I have not seen Vaxxed, but as the father of an autistic son who displayed regression in social development and cognitive development after MMR, I plan to do so.

    There may not be any studies that test non-vaccinated children against vaccinated children, but the potential is there in looking at the children of Amish families, and similar groups, who do not vaccinate their children. My recollection is that incidents of autism are rare, to non-existent in such populations. Whatever the incidence, it certainly doesn’t correlate with the increasing frequency of autism in non-Amish populations.

    While there are surely other catalysts for autism, the relationship between the increased vaccination schedules of the past 20 years and the frequency of autism is tough to ignore. Big Pharma and their governmental mouth pieces claim they have proved there is no correlation between vaccines and autism (the evidence they use is – in my opinion – far more flimsy than that they claim to refute). But the numbers say otherwise.

    Big financial interests can always afford the biggest bat to swing. I have always felt terrible for the beat down they gave Dr. Wakefield. Hopefully, with Vaxxed, he can begin to receive redemption. For those of us in the autism community, is reputation has never waned.

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