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Third, Congress should level the playing field for small businesses. Small companies in Massachusetts don’t stash profits in the Netherlands. They can’t hire a team of accountants to set up a “reverse hybrid mismatch” to slash their taxes. This puts small businesses at a competitive disadvantage as they end up shouldering more of the burden of paying for education, infrastructure, research, the military and everything else our nation relies on to succeed.

I have been pushing Congress to take these steps since I arrived in the Senate in 2013. The common refrain from Republicans who oppose these measures is that taking them would encourage American companies to flee abroad. But as other nations step up to prevent tax avoidance, that case gets weaker and weaker. And we have the leverage to tighten our tax code because these companies want what America offers: the world’s wealthiest consumers, the world’s best work force, the world’s most reliable legal system and the world’s deepest capital markets.

For years, corporate tax dodgers have taken full advantage of all the benefits of being American companies, while searching out every possible way to avoid paying American taxes. Now that other leading countries are starting to get tough on tax enforcement, these tax dodgers suddenly want to move their money back to the United States. When they do, they should pay their fair share, just as working families and small businesses have been all along.

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