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It is a busy week for us at CODEPINK. This morning we were in the halls of Congress calling for the abolition of ICE. This evening we will be in front of the Israeli embassy celebrating the release of Ahed Tamimi from Israeli prison.

We are also spending the week deepening our understanding of the issues we work on. To do this, we are hosting a series of webinars on Iran, Korea, Palestine, Yemen and Blackrock/Divest from War.

All webinars will be hosted live on our Facebook page or you can participate through this link.

Wednesday, August 1 at 10am ET, (7am PT)

Iran: Is the US headed to war? How are present tensions affecting civil society in Iran? CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin will talk to Iranian-American Sussan Tahmasebi, Co-Founder and Executive Director of FEMENA, an organization that supports women’s organizations in the Middle East.

Wednesday, August 1 at 12pm ET, (9am PT)

Korea: Will US foes of the peace process manage to derail momentum? Is North Korea constructing new missiles? Medea will talk with Professor Simone Chung, who  serves on the Steering Committee of the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea and is part of the Korea Peace Network and Women Cross the DMZ. This will be a bi-monthly webinar series between Medea and Simone to stay updated about the situation in Korea.

Wednesday, August 1 at 5pm ET, (2pm PT)

Palestine: What impact has Ahed Tamimi had on Palestinian youth? What are the conditions  Palestinian children face in Israeli military detention? CODEPINK’s Ariel Gold will discuss Ahed Tamimi’s release and the Israeli military’s detention of Palestinian children with Jennifer Bing. Bing works for the American Friends Service Committee on the campaign called Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child.

Friday, August 3 at 2pm ET (11am PT)

Yemen: What is happening with the Saudi-Emirati attack on the port of Hudeida? What is the humanitarian situation and are there any prospects for peace? CODEPINK’s Brienne Kordis will interview Sama’a Al-Hamdani, a Yemeni-American analyst who is a consultant with the Atlantic Council.

Thursday, August 9 at 1pm ET (10am PT)

BlackRock/Divest from War: Why does a company that calls itself ‘socially responsible’ invest millions in weapons manufacturers? CODEPINK’s Nancy Mancias and Natasha Rappazzo will talk about BlackRock’s investments in merchants of death, as well as their role in migrant detention. They will discuss CODEPINK’s campaign to hold them accountable and how you can get involved.

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Towards peace,

Ann, Ariel, Brad, Brienne, Eric Jodie, Katie, Kirsten, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Natasha, Paki, Rita, Sarah, and Tighe

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