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It’s still all Trump, all the time. Now that Donald Trump is at the top of his publicity game, his wild views are making those near him suddenly seem a little more reasonable—even though not that long ago their views would have been considered way outside the mainstream.

In particular, Ted Cruz, once the crazy conservative of the right wing, is being talked about as a “compromise” candidate. Never mind that the compromise candidate talks lovingly of carpet bombing, wants to shut down a good chunk of the government and plans to hand the super rich a fat tax break or several.

The logic seems to be that as long as you’re not Donald Trump, you must be sane and a few steps closer to a smart, reasonable candidate. Alas, the quieter ones are just as crazy if not more so in some cases. I’m hoping that people will soon realize that this is not a fun reality show and we really should think an eensy bit about who we want running the country. Enjoy the cartoon and dive into the links behind the ‘toon!

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